The foundation of "Istanbul Carsi İmport & Export Ltd" was laid in 1994 by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr.Cemal YANGIN in Azerbaijan's capital city Baku. Our company, which is a symbol of quality and trust with its disciplined work, works harmoniously with large domestic and foreign companies operating in Azerbaijan.


Founded in 1994 in Baku, our company is one of the first 100% foreign-funded companies established in Azerbaijan. Our company, which entered the market with distributorship of power tools, was established marketing department by taking the distributorship of Henkel, the world giant of construction chemicals. This department then made distributorship agreements with the leading companies in the sectors of construction paints, window accessories, industrial adhesives, pool chemicals, auto paints. In the following years, PVC profile processing plant was established. With the establishment of this facility, distributorship agreements were made with Kommerling companies from Akapen, Germany and Germany, and manufacturing started. Then aluminum processing plant started to operate and Fenis Aluminum was distributed as one of the leading aluminum producers in Turkey.In the following years, our company entered the construction sector with turnkey projects. Our firm, which produces construction with intelligent building technologies, frequently mentioned its quality and speed in industrial projects.